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Melany Myers

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“Diet” is not my favorite word. To me it means restriction, depriving yourself, and not being happy. A reset plan sounds so much better to me! Delish is a food website that I frequent often, because they have the latest food news, and some great recipes. Somehow I came across the “Delish Prevention Reset Plan” and I think I’m going to do it.

For the most part, I am a healthy eater. I cook lots, don’t eat out often, and snack on raw veggies lots. And yet….I’m still 30lbs too heavy. I think my issue is portion control. I eat healthy things, but I eat too much. I also get in a rut making healthy meals. I tend to make the same meals lots. I also am not working out like I should. I’m trying to fix that issue.

The “Delish Prevention Reset Plan” lets you eat what you want on the weekends, and they provide free recipes for you to try Monday thru Thursday. The biggest commitment is doing some meal prep on Sunday. You don’t have to join anything, or pay for anything. All you do is check out the Delish website weekly.  I’m so in for this!

If you wanna join me, or if you want to check out the details for yourself, you can do that here. It’d be cool if a group of us did it, and touched base with each other via email or Facebook.  Let me know if you’re in!