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We’ve all experienced that moment when you ask someone how old their child is, and they give you the child’s age in months. Makes me nuts when someone says their kid is 27 months. I gotta do math! Just say your kid is two years old!  Apparently, a 28 year old woman from South Carolina was over this situation, so she did something awesome.

When Nicole Ham had the idea to take a photo shoot for her birthday inspired by those staged by many new parents, her longtime friend Stephanie Smith, who owns  a photography business decided to help out.  Nicole did a photo shoot, wrapped up like a newborn, with a sign that read, “I’m 336 months today. Things i love: champagne, paper straws, Clemson football.”  Nicole also stated her dislikes.

Stephanie posted the pics on her business Facebook page, and they’ve now gone viral. The two ladies say they had a blast doing the photo shoot, and the pics are hilarious! I love folks who have a great sense of humor, and don’t take themselves too seriously.

See the pictures of Nicole here. Good stuff!