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Melany Myers

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Pardon my language, but when I first read this story this morning I said, “Awwwww hell no!”. And that’s exactly what this wife should say to her husband!

So, a pregnant woman recently shared an argument she’s been having with her husband on Reddit. This woman’s husband wants to name their soon to be baby girl after an ex-girlfriend. Yup. An ex-girlfriend! He wants to name the child after an ex-girlfriend that he dated for a long time, and the one that he loved the most. He told his PREGNANT wife that she is the “one that got away”.  This guy told his wife that he wants to name the baby girl the ex-girlfriend’s name, and that she could name their second child.

Obviously, people on Reddit were upset with this guy. The mom-to-be received more than 3,000 comments about this, most of them quite upset that the husband is so insensitive. OR so stupid. As of yet, there’s been no follow up on the story, so I’m not sure what this woman did.

I know what I’d do though! I’d tell the dude that the kid was going to be named DIVORCE, cause that’s what would be happening! This woman must feel so sad, and so disrespected. My hope is that she tells her husband that they are NOT naming their child after his ex-girlfriend, period. If I find an update soon, I’ll share.  What would you do? Read more on the story here.