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Melany Myers

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Ice cream is my sweet downfall. I love it! Baskin-Robbins’ has a new flavor for the month of January that looks amazing! Especially if you’re a chocolate fan.  The January’s Flavor of the Month is the Brownie Bar Mashup  It starts with a buttery cake-flavored base, then packs two kinds of brownies into it (hence the name!): chocolate brownies and blondies. There are also chocolate chips. YUM! My birthday is this Saturday, so I’m totally using it as an excuse to go and try this flavor.

Then, later this month, Baskin-Robbin’s releasing their Love Potion #31 flavor. The Valentine’s Day-centric flavor mixes white chocolate and raspberry flavored ice creams with chocolate chips, raspberry-filled chocolate hearts and a raspberry swirl. WHAT?! Chocolate and raspberry combined is my all time favorite. I’ll have to make this a belated birthday present to myself.

If you are an ice cream fan, you may wanna snag these while you can. Find out more and see what the ice cream looks like….cause pictures are worth a thousand words….here.  Happy eating!