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35 years ago today, Van Halen’s “1984” album came out. This was one of the album’s that made me into a total rocker chick. My birthday is January 12, and I got the album for my birthday, after begging my parents. They weren’t thrilled with the cover, which is a baby angel smoking a cigarette, but I talked them into buying it for me.  I got if for my 14th birthday.

This album was so important in my life as this is the album that made me into a Van Halen fan. I went back after this album, and listened to all of their previous albums. Truth told, I still have half of the Van Halen discography in my car. I became enamored with David Lee Roth’s voice, and Eddie Van Halen’s guitar playing. I won’t lie. I also became quite the fan of Eddie Van Halen’s smile too. Hubba!

Van Halen was all over MTV with this record. The videos for “Hot for Teacher”, “I’ll Wait”, and “Panama” and “Jump” played lots, and everyone had a favorite Van Halen song off this album. I even did a project for my 8th grade drama class that was based around “I’ll Wait”.  And of course, you’d hear the band on radio stations all over the country.

I’m only a few days away from turning 49 years old, and realizing this album came out 35 years ago is  making me feel old. I can still vividly remember so much about 1984. Obviously, that year, and the 80’s truly shaped me as a person.

Just thinking about the “1984” album makes me want to crank it up in the car, windows down, singing off tune in my loudest voice. And that may be exactly what I do on my way home. Much love to Van Halen for contributing to my unstoppable love for rock-n-roll.