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K104.7’s Valentine’s Day Tips & More

Oreo’s are the Lay’s of the cookie category. They are coming out with random flavors every few months now. I’ve read that they have (or will have soon) a Carrot Cake Oreo flavor, a Dark Chocolate Oreo flavor, and even a Buttered Popcorn Oreo flavor. Some of it’s just too much for me, but I will say, that when I saw the story on the Oreos’ coming out for Valentine’s Day, my eyes opened wide.

The “Love, Oreo” cookies are a limited edition flavor for Valentine’s Day. They are printed with a variety of sweet sayings, such as, Dunk In Love, Dear Cupid Send Oreos, and Let’s Twist. There are also cute little hearts and designs printed on the cookies. The creme is pink and is strawberry flavored. Chocolate and strawberry together…yum!

If ya wanna check these out, snag some soon. They won’t be around long since they are a limited edition flavor. More info on the festive cookies here.

There’s not only new cookies to ruin your diet, but also new candy! Mars’ DOVE has combined two festive flavors and has come out with DOVE Hearts Pink Champagne & Milk Chocolate Swirl chocolates.  The chocolates, which are available at Target, are in the shape of hearts and feature the sayings “A Toast!” and “Cheers!” on each individually wrapped piece. LOVE DOVE chocolates. And truth told, they are diet killers if you just have one or two. No actual booze was used in the making of the candies, FYI. Still, I wanna try some! You can get the DOVE details here.

With candy and cookies, who needs a Valentine’s Day date?! I’m good! 🙂