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Melany Myers

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Many of you know that I lost my boy dog Maxwell last month. He had cancer, and I had to put him to sleep. It was THE hardest thing I’ve been through in my life. Maxwell was my rescue dog. He was my protector, my snuggle dog, and one of my best friends. I didn’t want to let him go, but I refused to let him suffer.

Maxwell lost a lot of weight quickly, wasn’t really eating, and was having trouble walking. It killed me thinking that he was in pain. Maxwell was always a very quiet dog, so if he was hurting, I wouldn’t know. I could see the pain in his eyes though, and I knew it was time to let him go. I held his hand until he passed, refusing to leave his side until I knew he was gone.

Lots of people that follow me on social media felt like they knew Maxwell. I posted pictures, and shared the antics of Maxwell, and my other dog Gypsy. Gypsy is older, and was diagnosed with kidney failure two years ago, so I truly thought I would lose her first. Thankfully, she’s still around, and rockin’ at the age of 15. She definitely misses Maxwell though.

Today, when I arrived to work, there was a package on my desk. In it, was an ornament with Maxwell’s picture in it. Jeri, a woman I don’t know very well, had it made for me. Jeri and I have attended a few of the same rock shows, and I think I’ve only met her once or twice in person. We are friends on Facebook, and Jeri saw the posts I made after Maxwell passed. Along with the ornament, Jeri sent a letter, expressing her sadness over the death of Maxwell. The picture above is the gift she sent. Maxwell in the middle of a paw, with angel wings. I love it!

I wanted to write this to say thank you to Jeri for the gift, but to also acknowledge her amazing kindness. We aren’t close friends. Jeri went out of her way to be kind to me, knowing that I’ve been hurting since Maxwell died. She gave me a great gift in honor of Maxwell, but she also gave my heart a boost. Her thoughtfulness and kindness truly moved me, and I’m so very lucky that there of people like Jeri in this world.

Jeri’s act of kindness makes me want to go about my day, in hopes that I be kind to someone else. It was a small gesture that scored big time!

Thank you Jeri! Let’s all strive to be kind today.