Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Krispy Kreme Is Saving Valentine's Day

For the first time in 153 years, there won't be any candy conversation hearts for Valentine's Day. WHAT?! 

Last year, Necco, the company that makes the candy hearts, was bought by Round Hill Investments, and the SweetHearts brand was then sold to another company. And, because it takes so long to make the conversation hearts, the new company didn’t have enough time to make them this year. They will be back in 2020, but this year, love is cancelled.

OR is it? Krispy Kreme has conversation heart donuts this year, saving Valentine's Day.  They announced yesterday that they would be offering heart shaped donuts just in time for Valentine's Day. The limited-time treats are stuffed with four kinds of classic Krispy Kreme filling: Cake Batter, Strawberries and Kreme, Raspberry, and Chocolate Kreme. They're topped with a mix of classic love saying such as,  'Pick Me!' and 'Be Mine!'  And we can all admit, those conversation heart candies offered some nostalgia, but they were never that tasty. Donuts have way more flavor!

You can order them in stores starting January 30, and they'll stick around through Valentine's Day. On February 6, you can get one FREE Conversation Heart Doughnut with any purchase on Wednesday, as long as you're a rewards member. Valentine's Day this year will be filled with some serious donut love! See what the Valentine's Day donuts look like here.  Happy eating!