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Chocolate. My first love! My Dad is a big chocolate fan, and I definitely take after him. Dark chocolate is my favorite, and I love chocolate covered treats! When I saw this list, I thought it’d be good to share since Valentine’s Day is coming up. These delicious treats would make a great gift for anyone on your list. Perfect ideas for the love of your life, or for your best friend.

There’s only a few things on this list that I wouldn’t try. The chocolate covered licorice is a no from me. NOT a licorice fan at all! Chocolate covered onions just sound disgusting. I’m out on those.

I will say that I have tried chocolate covered bacon…not bad. And I’ve tried chocolate-dipped potato chips. They were actually pretty tasty.

If you have a chocolate fan in your life, or if you’re a fan, check out these tasty treats! It’s always good to try new things, and if there’s chocolate wrapped around it, it’s worth a shot. Happy snacking!