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Wanted: 300 women to sail around the world. It sounds like the premise for a trashy reality show, but it isn’t. Well, actually, trash is a part of this.

Since 2014, an organization called eXXpedition (the two x’s refer to female chromosomes) has been running all-female multidisciplinary sailing voyages with a focus on researching and cleaning up the world’s oceans of single-use plastics and other toxic materials. So far, over 100 crew members have sailed on 11 voyages across the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Great Lakes. While on the water, they engaged in citizen science and community outreach projects.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The eXXpedition folks are currently looking for 300 women who want to sail around the world. You don’t need any sailing experience to join the crew, just a willingness to protect our oceans. The 2-year voyage will begin in the U.K. and touch 6 continents before returning to the U.K.

Applications for the first phase (October 2019–December 2019) are closed, but phase two will open soon. You can get started HERE.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images