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Melany Myers

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Looking for a new man? Apparently, we single ladies need to stop looking, and start smelling. 

According to a new study done by a university in Australia, men who are single are stinkier than those who are in a relationship, but it’s not actually their fault. No…it’s not that bachelors have bad hygiene, it’s all about hormones.

82 women agreed to sniff the armpits of single men and men that are attached, and it turns out that the ladies were more attracted to the single participants. The ladies said the single guys smelled more “masculine”.

As a single woman, I REALLY don’t wanna go around sniffing men, but I totally believe pheromones play a part in who we become attracted to. I guess I need to follow my nose from now on!

Read more about the study, and sniffing out a single guy here.  🙂