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Are you ready to embark on a new career? But which industry will offer the most opportunities and growth in 2019? If you’re having trouble trying to decide which path to take, one field that you should consider is renewable energy.

Every day that the sun is shining, someone in North Carolina is probably thinking about having solar panels installed on their home or business. I see them all over Charlotte. That’s why the demand for solar panel installers has been increasing here, as well as in seven other states.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, solar panel installer is one of the fastest-growing jobs in America. It tops the list in North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, California, and Hawaii.

With the rising costs and shrinking supplies of traditional energy sources, it makes sense that people would be increasingly exploring alternatives. Wind turbine service technicians are also highly sought in some states. Click here to learn more.

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