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Melany Myers

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Nope. The headline isn’t a joke. You can actually win a faux bearskin rug with the head of Colonel Sanders. Yup. 

KFC is offering up three of these rugs. You have to enter their contest in order to win the KFC Valentine’s Day Package. In addition to the Colonel Sanders bearskin rug, contest winners will receive two fried chicken pajama onesies, a gift card for KFC for two for a year, and a yearly subscription to an online streaming service providing endless date night entertainment.

All the info on how to enter the contest, AND a stellar picture of the rug, can be found here. I cannot lie, it’s VERY creepy, but also hilarious. If you’re looking for a out of the ordinary Valentine’s Day gift, this would definitely work. Nothing says love like a faux bearskin rug and a bucket of chicken. LOL!