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When I was a kid, Sci-Fi was my favorite genre’ hands down, but now…

I would have to put mystery, crime thrillers at the top of my list. My first sighting of famed Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot came at the hands of Albert Finney in 1974’s film adaptation of “Murder On the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie. I remember catching it on a movie of the week a few years later and being mesmerized with the more modern day homage to Sherlock Holmes. The A.B.C. Murders was a 1992 film and a 2009 video game.

The new Amazon Original presentation of Agatha Christie’s A.B.C. Murders recently debuted and when I saw that John Malkovich was starring in the most notable footsteps of Albert Finney and Peter Ustinov (Evil Under The Sun), I was taken aback. Not that I don’t like John Malkovich because I do, but I wasn’t sure how he would do in this particular role. He had to grow on me, but by the end of the film, I had forgotten that I even held doubt about him. If you like the works of Agatha Christie, this is easy viewing. 3 hour long episodes that I easily binged in one evening. Highly recommended.