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Tacos. Tacos are my true love! LOL!

You all know I’m single, so I thought I’d share a list of the best tacos in every state! Tacos aren’t my favorite food, but ya know I’m a lover of all food, so I thought this would be fun for Valentine’s Day. Tacos are definitely on my list of favorite foods though. You put some guacamole on top, and I am in!

Unfortunately, the best tacos in North Carolina are a bit of a drive from Charlotte….they’re in Durham. Take a look at the best in each state here.  But there are some great places here in town to snag tacos if you’d like to show them some love today. 😉  Check out the best spots here in Charlotte here.

No matter who or what you show love to today, make it a great Valentine’s Day. I’ll be over here sharing food with my lil Diva dog Gypsy.