I was never a big fan of the Smurfs, and I’m not really sure why some German folks decided to break the “Smurfs” world record, but they did, and the pictures are absolutely hilarious!¬†

Almost 3,000 people broke the world record for the most people dressed as Smurfs this past Saturday in Lauchringen, German, near the border with Switzerland. Not only did these folks dress like Smurfs, but the followed the rules for the event. Cracks me up there were rules!!¬†They had strict rules: in order to be counted, participants couldn’t show any non-blue skin. They could dress as Papa Smurf, with his trademark red cap and a white beard, or Smurfette, with blonde hair and a white skirt or dress. Normal smurfs were okay, too, but some characters, like the evil wizard Gargamel, were off limits.

Again, I have no clue why folks did this. Guessing lots of beer was involved. But….the pics are TOO funny!! Check out the pics here.