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How many push-ups can you do? It matters, especially for men.

In addition to working your pecs and triceps, good old-fashioned push-ups could be a very reliable way to assess your heart health. It might be even better than the treadmill test.

According to a new study, men who can knock out 40 push-ups in a single exercise session are much less likely to have heart attacks or other cardiovascular problems than men who manage only 10 or fewer. I have some work to do.

Here’s the statistic that really got my attention: Men who can complete more than 40 consecutive push-ups within a minute have a 96 percent reduction in the case of cardiovascular disease events compared to those who can’t. Ninety-six percent!

The good news is that if you can’t do many push-ups now, you can start improving your number today. Do it for your health. Do it for your family.

Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images