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There’s nothing like a crispy, crunchy, flaky fried fish sandwich to break up the monotony of your typical lunch routine. The next time you catch yourself going for the same old thing, back away from the burger and head for open water.

One of the best things about grabbing a fried fish sandwich for lunch or dinner is that they don’t take long to prepare. You can order one up and have it in your mouth quicker than I can bait a hook. Even old school fish camps, like Twin Tops and and Catfish Cove, serve them up hot and quick. But if you only have time for a trip to the counter or drive-thru window, these places can fulfill your fried fish fix quite nicely:

1. Showmars
2. Captain D’s
3. Arby’s

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

4. Long John Silver’s
5. Wendy’s
6. McDonald’s
7. Popeyes

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

8. Burger King
9. Hardee’s
10. Sonic Drive-In
Honorable Mention: Bojangles’ for their seasonal BojAngler. I wish they sold it all year!