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This is an awesome story! Grab the tissues cause you may shed some happy tears.

Kristen and Marc are a married couple that founded the Vintage Pet Rescue in Rhode Island. It’s a non-profit organization that provides hospice care and a loving home to terminally ill pets, pets that don’t have a family, and elderly pets.

The couple have lots of senior pets, but 15 year old Shorty is a special fella. Marc adopted Shorty when he was a few years old, and Shorty has a hard time when Marc travels for work. Shorty has severe separation anxiety. Marc and Kristen came up with a way to help Shorty out.

The crafty couple created “Farc” to comfort Shorty when Marc travels for work. “Farc” is a life-size mannequin that is dressed in Marc’s clothes, and has fake tattoos on both arms. Marc has tattoos, so Kristen wanted to make the mannequin as close to Marc as possible. Since “Farc” is wearing Marc’s clothes, the scent of Marc seems to calm Shorty.

You have to see Shorty’s reaction to “Farc”………it is incredible! The pictures are heart-warming. “Farc” totally helps Shorty! My lil dog Gypsy has bad separation anxiety. I wonder if this would help! See Shorty and “Farc” here. Love!