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Melany Myers

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Last year, a doctor told me I have osteoarthritis in both my feet. Not what I wanted to hear. I have never worn high heels, but I was a big wearer of platform shoes. No pointy heel, but wedges were my go to!

Sadly, I think I did lots of damage to my feet by wearing them so often. I’m 5’3 and I’d be 5’7 in some of my shoes. I can’t really wear them anymore, which is a bummer.

Now, I wear mostly flat shoes. I wear boots lots, and I wear a lot of sneakers. I’ve had a hard time finding cool looking sneakers though. I saw this article that featured a pair of Tretorn sneakers, so I did some research.

When I see Tretorn sneakers, I immediately flash back to the 1980’s. EVERYONE wore Tretorns! I love the basic sneaker, and the platform sneakers are rockin’! And the platforms aren’t too high, so I’m definitely getting a pair.

I had no idea Tretorn made all these awesome sneakers! I just remember the white ones with a green Tretorn symbol. If you’re like me, and can no longer rock the high heels all the time, take a look here at some options. SO many of these will be great for spring and summer. Comfy and stylish…I’m in!