K104.7’s Pot of Gold

I’m not Irish….not even close….but I make a mean corned beef and cabbage! As a person that enjoys cooking and food, I find it fun to whip up a recipe to celebrate certain holidays. St. Patrick’s Day has some good ones too! 

There’s corned beef and cabbage, which is a classic and an easy one to make. I usually make mine in the crock pot. Using some Guinness beer is the trick to this one. It comes out amazing and it’s so easy with the crock pot.

I found some amazing looking dishes on the Food Network’s website. The Colcannon looks amazing and it’s an easy one to make. The Beef Potpies look yummy, and Irish Grilled Cheese looks tasty too.

If you’re in an Irish mood today, take a look at these recipes. You’ll definitely find something for dinner here.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!