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In my house, Australian Shepherd and Boykin Spaniel are tied for #1 on the list of most popular dog breeds. We might be a bit biased. Nationally, the most popular dog breed has been in the top spot for 28 years.

The American Kennel Club has released its annual America’s Most Popular Dog Breed report for 2018 and the family-friendly Labrador Retriever takes the title again. This year’s top five is exactly the same as last year’s, but there’s one breed that is gaining in popularity. The German Shorthaired Pointer jumped to the #9 spot this year, it’s highest ranking since the breed was first recognized in 1930.

America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. German Shepherd Dog
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. French Bulldog
  5. Bulldog
  6. Beagle
  7. Poodle
  8. Rottweiler
  9. German Shorthaired Pointer
  10. Yorkshire Terrier