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The CMS school year ends on June 7th. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to plan your family’s summer vacation. At this point you may want to think about driving somewhere versus flying.

The great thing about a road trip is that it’s a lot easier and cheaper to put together than a trip that involves getting on a plane with kids. According to the AAA, 100-million Americans plan to take a family vacation this year and 53% of U.S. families are planning to make it a road trip. Overall, families in the South are the most likely to be planning a vacation in 2019 (62%).

What are the hot road trip destinations for this summer? One of them is just two hours from Charlotte. Here are AAA’s top five:

  1. Black Hills, South Dakota
  2. Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina
  3. Las Vegas to National Parks
  4. Northern California and Southern Oregon Coast
  5. Northern New England

Pete Souza/Getty Images