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Melany Myers

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This mom is my hero of the week! This story is absolutely hilarious! 

Mom Karen Alpert became a little frustrated with her husband this past weekend. Karen was doing numerous chores around the house, while her husband was being lazy on the couch. Karen became quite annoyed with him, so she decided to send him to the grocery store.

Karen sent her hubby to the store with a specific list of groceries to pick up. Unfortunately for the hubby……NONE of the items Karen sent him to pick up exist. She sent her husband to the grocery store with a “fake” list and it’s so funny!

On the list: Diet Diet Coke, Organic PopTarts, Wheat Thins in the blue box (they only come in a yellow box), unsour cream…you get the gist. To make this story even better, Karen turned off the ringer to her phone while her husband was at the store. This way, he couldn’t call her to ask questions.

CLASSIC! Karen posted the story on her Facebook page, and she posted a picture of the list she gave her husband. See it all right here.

Karen is my new favorite person. AWESOME job Karen! You rock!