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Jack Daniel

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We all have them, old pics that when we see them we “cringe” at the thoughts that we once looked like that. Maybe it’s the bell bottoms, the paisley shirt, the wide belt or the hair. For the ladies, maybe it was in style at the time but JEEZ! Did I really dress like that?

A new survey says, two out of three of us  have at least
one fashion look from our past that makes us cringe. Most common
are:  the previously mentioned shoulder pads . . . dying your hair . . . a perm . . . and baggy clothing. Having said that word “perm” makes me cringe and so the photo is below as evidence of my shame for the perm and disco sparkly vest, NOT my beautiful wife. We had just finished our disco lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios!

Oh NO! The Perm! Jack Daniel