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At the end of her last U.S. tour in 2016, Adele promised her fans she would be back in a few years and that it would be hard to get rid of her. It looks as if the Grammy Award-winning singer may be getting ready to drop some new music. Adele was spotted heading into a New York City recording studio on Wednesday.

Adele hasn’t released any music since her 2015 hit album 25, which won the Grammy for Album of the Year. She has a total of fifteen Grammys and, if her new music is anything like her previous work, she will definitely be putting a few more awards on her mantle.

An album may be all we get from Adele because she has said that she was done with touring. After Adele made that statement, I had to add her to the list of performers I regret not having seen in concert. The Who, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, and David Bowie are also on that list. But who knows? Perhaps Adele will have a change of heart and return to the stage someday. We can only hope.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images