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Would you pay more for clothes that are better for the planet? H&M is addressing fast fashion’s waste problem by creating clothing made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials

Textile waste is a big problem for the environment with the average American throwing away 70 to 80 pounds of clothes a year. About 85% of it ending up in landfills. H&M’s new Conscious Exclusive collection uses fabrics made from pineapple leaves, orange peels and algae, which are all biodegradable. If those clothes end up in a landfill, they’ll break down more quickly.

This new collection hits H&M stores, including their SouthPark and Northlake Mall locations, on April 11th. It’s full of summer pieces such as maxi dresses, high waist wide leg pants and cowboy boots, all reported to be of higher quality than most fast fashion. Plus, they’re better for Mother Earth. Here’s what to look for:

Piñatex – Made from the fiber of pineapple leaves and will serve as H&M’s leather alternative.

Orange Fiber – Feels like silk and made from the peels of oranges that have already been juiced and would have just been tossed.

BLOOM Foam – Made from algae and is used for shoes, instead of the petroleum found in many shoe soles.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images