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Summer travel season is almost here but if your tax refund was a lot smaller or, in my case, non-existent this year, you’re probably watching every penny. You don’t have to skip the vacation entirely as long as you use some of these tricks of the frugal traveler:

1. Sign up for an airfare tracker – Google flight alerts and other services will notify you when prices go down.

2. Look for an apartment instead of a hotel room – Rooms on Airbnb and other sites are often cheaper and usually have kitchens so you can eat in and save money.

3. Get a local SIM card to use your phone abroad – It’s likely much cheaper than getting an international plan from your U.S. provider.

Rob Stothard/Getty Images

4. Buy bus and train passes – If you’re going to rely on public transportation, a week-long pass is often cheaper than individual trips. Otherwise, walk as much as you can.

5. Find restaurants near colleges and universities – In big cities, restaurants in college or university areas tend to be more budget-friendly.

6. Ask the locals where they eat – Most locals know the best spots, which are likely to be less crowded and usually less expensive.

7. Explore street food – Cheap and tasty, the “food of the people” can help you really get to know a country.

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8. Hit the grocery store – Load up on water and snacks so you aren’t paying astronomical prices near tourist attractions. Use your savings to splurge on a nice restaurant.

9. Plan museum visits and tours strategically – Check to see if any museums have free nights or pay-as-you-wish nights to save a few bucks. You might even be able to find free walking tours in the cities you’re visiting.

10. Use free podcasts to guide you through museums – Why pay extra for an audio or guided tour if you don’t have to?

11. Choose your credit card wisely – If you’re using credit cards while traveling, avoid any that have international transaction fees. They’re usually around 3% and can really add up. Opt for a card that doesn’t charge a fee but does offer some travel rewards.