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Graduation season is almost here and that means millions of teens will soon be leaving the nest and flying off to college. Unfortunately, many of them won’t be completely prepared for life without their parents.

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No one expects college freshmen to master adulting on their first day in the dorm, but there are some things they should know before they get to campus. Parents, it’s on us to teach our children well. Here’s a curriculum of some basic life skills all kids should know before they leave home:

Intro to Cooking – Your teen can probably make a bowl of cereal but they should also know how to make easy stuff they can cook in a microwave, like soup and oatmeal. If they have an apartment with a full kitchen, they can work their way up to cooking pasta and scrambling eggs.

Laundry 101 – You’d be shocked how many kids have never done laundry before they go to college. Make sure they start doing their own laundry a few months before they move out so they have it down when they go. They won’t want all of their clothes to shrink and/or turn pink.

Principles of Money – Teach your teen to not just use their card and forget what they spend. They need to budget. If they learn how to keep track of their finances, maybe they won’t constantly be calling you for more dough.

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Survey of Nutrition – Go over some ways they can balance meals with proteins, vegetables, and complex carbs. Good nutrition will give them more energy, boost brainpower, and help them do better in school. Besides, Top Ramen and vending machine snacks can get old quickly.

First Aid Basics – Having a first aid kit isn’t helpful if they don’t know how to use it. It wouldn’t hurt for them to know CPR, too.

Elements of Car Care – If your teen is taking a car to campus, they should know how to do some simple maintenance tasks like check the oil, change a tire, jump start a battery, and replace bulbs.

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