Photo by Matt Stroshane/Disney via Getty Images

Teenage Girl Makes Her Own Graduation Dress And It Is Stunning

I am not very crafty at all, so I am in awe of people that can create such amazing things. 

17 -year-old Ciara Gan knew exactly what she wanted her graduation dress to look like, so she decided to make it herself.  Her mom helped her create the dress, and the two painted 80 flowers, sewed, and bejeweled the gown. It looks like something a Disney princess would wear!

I'm not sure what Ciara wants to major in when she attends college, but without question, she could be a fashion designer. IF I ever get married again, I'd so hire her to make my dress!

After the dress was completed, Ciara posted it on her Twitter page. It's now gone viral, and you can see why below. Truly stunning!