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Are you tired of being herded aboard commercial flights like cattle? Are you sick of sitting in cramped seats with spotty service? Do you long for the more glamorous airline travel of a bygone era? Then the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience might be for you. As long as you can afford it, that is.

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Making its debut in 2021, Four Seasons’ all-new jet (Airbus A321LRneo) will carry up to 48 passengers with luxurious amenities, including comfortable handcrafted leather seats. Four Seasons chefs and mixologists will be creating the food and drinks. Wellness experts and art aficionados will offer workshops in the plane’s lounge.¬†Each flight will also have a concierge and doctor on board.

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Four Seasons is currently developing itineraries for the new private jet. Those will be announced later this year so start saving your money now. Each of their current trips costs over $100,000. Here’s a look at the new plane: