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Melany Myers

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Ok Disney fans….this is something you’ve been waiting on! There is now a Disney snack subscription service that will deliver Disney treats to your door. Yum!

Boxney, is a non-Disney-affiliated subscription service that curates hand-picked Disney park treats to send to customers on a monthly basis. The snacks included in each box are all selected by Boxney’s own team members, who venture out into all areas of Disney World — Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs — to get their hands on the goodies to later box up into themed packages at varying rates.

There are three different sized boxes that you can choose from: mini, original, and premium. Obviously, ice cream and other perishable foods won’t go into the boxes, but you can expect things like popcorn, cookies, lolli-pops, and more.

The service is very popular, and Boxney won’t be excepting any new customers until May 15. Find out more details on what to expect here. Happy eating! Gotta love some Disney deliciousness.