Cupcakes. It’s just a word that makes me happy. It’s hard to be upset about anything when you have a cupcake in front of you. 

I got very excited when I saw this story this morning on the Charlotte Agenda website. There’s a new bakery that’s open in Oakhurst called Swirl. Swirl offers numerous delicious treats, but what caught my eye was the build your own cupcake part of the business. That’s unique to Charlotte.

Along with custom cakes, wedding cakes, and custom cupcakes, you can make your own cupcake at Swirl. You pick a cake base from one of the seven options. Then you can choose your frosting (there are eight options), and then add toppings from the 15 available.

Now, I’m not great at math, but I’m thinking you could try a different cupcake everyday for months, at least! Swirl is definitely now on my “gotta try” list!

You can read more about the bakery, and they owners, here.  Check out Swirl’s website here.

Let me know if you go! I can’t wait to try it!