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Melany Myers

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This week is “Teacher Appreciation Week” and it’s also “National Nurses Week”, so it’s a great time to remember those who do so much for us and for our kids.

Teachers and nurses work extremely long hours, and in my opinion, they aren’t paid enough for what they do. There are so many different ways you can let teachers and nurses know that you appreciate them. A heartfelt card, some homemade goodies, or school supplies are a few things teachers would appreciate.

Here are a few ideas for teachers and truth told, for nurses too.

And there’s a list of some freebies for both teachers and nurses this week, and many of these places are in our area. If you are a teacher or a nurse, or if you know someone in either profession, this list may help ya with some spots to check out this week.

Thank you so much to all our teachers and to all our nurses! You work so very hard for others!