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What’s the one invention that you can’t imagine living without? Your smartphone? GPS? Facebook? They all made the list of the best inventions of the past 25 years, according to a new survey conducted by

I agree that all three of those have, for better or for worse, made major impacts on society. However, looking at the rest of the top 25, I would probably rank stem cell technology and 3D printers a bit higher. Also, I would have included the backup camera, a personal favorite of mine, on the list. While that invention did make its debut on a concept car in 1956, it wasn’t added to mass-produced vehicles until the 2000s.

Top 25 Inventions Of The Past 25 Years

1. WiFi
2. Smartphones
3. Online banking
4. Online search e.g. Google
5. Online shopping e.g. Amazon

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

6. Stem cell technology
7. GPS
8. Flat-screen TVs
9. Contact-less payment
10. Tablets

Scott Olson/Getty Images

11. YouTube
12. 3D printers
13. Netflix
14. Data encryption
15. Skype

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

16. Modern electric cars e.g. Tesla model S
17. Kindle
18. Bluetooth
19. Facebook
20. Wireless headphones

Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Samsung

21. Ancestry DNA kits
22. Sony games consoles such as PlayStation
23. Amazon Echo
24. Spotify
25. Fitbit

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Fitbit