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Every child has probably been told this story at least once in their life by a parent or wacky uncle. Well, apparently joking with kids that chocolate milk comes from brown cows is something that can stick with them for life. That makes me very concerned for our country’s future.

The US National Dairy Council recently did a study that shows 7% of Americans believe the chocolate milk myth, which translates to roughly 16.4 million people. It’s not all kids either.

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Sadly, that’s not the only example of “food ignorance” that has infected our population. According to a study done by the US Department of Agriculture in the 1990’s, 1 in 5 Americans didn’t know that hamburgers come from beef. Another survey found that nearly one-third of elementary school students didn’t know cheese was made from milk.

OK, for the record: French fries are potatoes… Pickles are cucumbers… Raisins are dried grapes… And big carrots don’t give birth to baby carrots. Know your food, people. Know your food.

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