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You might have the fever for the flavor of a Pringles, but what exactly is that flavor? If you can identify it, you could win $10,000.

The potato chip brand launched their Mystery Flavor contest in Canada last year where the flavor turned out to be Seven Layer Dip. They then took the competition to Japan and Australia. Now U.S. snackers are finally getting their shot at glory.

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If you want to put your taste buds to the test, pick up a Pringles Mystery Flavor can from a Walgreens store before July 30, 2019. Once you think you know what you’re tasting, register for Kellogg’s Family Rewards. Save the receipt because you’ll need the proof of purchase. You must enter by August 13, 2019.

Everyone who identifies the Mystery Flavor correctly will be entered into a pool. The $10,000 winner will be randomly selected from that group. That announcement will be made on August 15th. Good luck!