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Now, THIS would be a wild site to see while on vacation! 

Chad Morris was on vacation with his family in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when his parents suddenly started screaming for him to come outside. He rushed outside their cabin to see what all the commotion was about, and he was stunned!

There, in the driveway, was an entire family of bears — and it appeared they were trying to steal his car. The mama bear and her three cubs were apparently quite taken with Chad’s car. He says the cubs got into his car while the mama bear stood guard. Chad said that the bears were aware of him watching and taking pictures from a good distance away, but that they didn’t seem bothered by it.

The three bear cubs had a great time rolling around inside his car, playing in the driver’s seat, leaning out the windows and fooling around with whatever they could find inside the car.

Yes, sadly the bears did some damage to the car, but Chad said it could have been way worse!

The pictures are hilarious! Chad got some great shots too. You can see the bears here.   Heck of a vacation story!