Throwback Video of the Week!

The first word most people would use to describe Cyndi Lauper is “fun.” Her debut album was entitled She’s So Unusual, and perhaps she was for 1983. Mostly, though, she’s fun.

Cyndi made an instant impression with the hair, the clothes, the Betty Boop voice, the attitude, and the passion. Another good word to describe Cyndi would be “fierce.” She truly is a fierce advocate for equality. But women weren’t described that way in the ’80s, so we’ll stick with “fun.” After all, she planted that seed with the first of her many hits, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.”

The video was memorable for a few reasons. It was our introduction to Cyndi as a star in the making. The video is also very engaging. It’s sort of like a short musical about a young woman rebelling against the conventional expectations of her parents. And who could ever forget the cameo by pro wrestling icon Captain Lou Albano as Cyndi’s father? He shows up at about the :50 mark.

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