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If the term ‘Shelby GT’ conjures up images in your mind of a top-of-the-line Ford sports car roaring down an open stretch of road, you might already know where you’ll be on November 15th. That’s when Ford V. Ferrari opens nationwide, and it’s almost guaranteed to get car nuts out of their garages into a movie theater.

Ford v. Ferrari, directed by James Mangold (Cop Land, Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, The Wolverine), appears to have all the makings of a great sports movie, especially the classic theme of overcoming the odds to do the unthinkable. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a true story.

Matt Damon stars as auto designer Carroll Shelby. He was commissioned to build a car that could beat the dominant Ferrari team in the 1966 Le Mans Championship, a grueling 24-hour endurance race. Christian Bale plays British racer Ken Miles, who was selected to drive Shelby’s creation. Here’s the first trailer: