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Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Who says dreams can’t come true? They can, and for Ed Sheeran, his ultimate goal in life has become a reality. He now has his own ketchup commercial. Yup! 

Ed is a monster fan of ketchup and came up with an idea for a commercial. He pitched his idea to the folks at Heinz, and they loved it! Ed made an announcement on his Instagram page last week.

And when I say Ed is a fan, he’s a BIG fan! He even has a tattoo of the Heinz label on his arm. THAT is a hardcore fan! Not only did Heinz give Ed a commercial, they collaborated with him for his OWN ketchup…the “Edchup”. The “Edchup” is just standard ketchup, but with a cooler label.

As of right now, all of the “Edchup” has sold out. Hopefully the folks at Heniz will make more available. Updates on the “Edchup” can be found here.

Read more of Ed’s obsession with Heinz ketchup here, and see the commercial below. We all know someone that puts ketchup on everything, no matter where they are! It’s a cute commercial!