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AAA reports that 41.4-million people will be driving somewhere for the 4th of July holiday week. Road trips can be fun, but they can also be tedious, especially for the drivers.

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With the average summer road trip lasting two hours and 53 minutes, you need to find fun ways to pass the time. I came up with a new game based on some stats about what happens when you travel with kids. According to a survey, parents will have to deal with these issues during a typical road trip:

  • 19 “I’m hungrys”
  • 18 “how much longers”
  • 17 “I’m tireds”
  • 16 “are we there yets”
  • 11 “I have to go to the bathrooms”

So here’s the game: Without telling the kids, each adult guesses how many times they’ll hear the above complaints. The person with the closest number at the end of the road trip wins.

You can also play the game as an over/under bet. Will you hear more or less than 11 “I have to go to the bathrooms?” Good luck!

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