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Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for SPAM brand

Phil and I have discussed on-air that I have never eaten Spam before. Never. I’m not saying I wouldn’t try it, it’s just not something that is on my weekly grocery list. I’ve never had the desire to buy it. If someone made it for me, I’d definitely try it. 

That said, I would NOT try it in this form. Reddit user PineBadger posted a picture of a Spam shot glass he made while camping. He says he went camping and forgot to bring a shot glass. I get it….it can happen…but that doesn’t mean ya make a shot glass outta Spam!

What’s interesting to me is that in the picture this guy posted, there’s a bag of Solo cups on the table. He couldn’t have used one of those as a shot glass? Or why couldn’t he have gone old school and just pass the bottle of rum around, with everyone taking a swig? The rum bottle can be the shot glass!

SO many other options that the Spam shot glass! I’ll say this much, he did a decent job carving the spam into a glass. See the pic here.