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We all know about “road rage.” You may have felt it and/or been on the receiving end of it. But what about “desk rage?” Have you ever lost it at work?

A survey of British workers showed that 51% of them admit to giving in to “desk rage,” with the average employee having at least two episodes a day. Surely, we can top that. Americans are an angry bunch. It’s why we’re no longer British. (Do you like how I tied this into the 4th of July?)

Have you every witnessed or experienced “desk rage?” What sets you off at work? Here are some common pet peeves:

  • Computer lagging or crashing
  • Someone else taking credit for your work
  • Rude or difficult clients
  • In-person and phone interruptions
  • People who don’t actually read your emails
  • Office gossip
  • People on Facebook/YouTube/Amazon instead of working
  • Co-workers who take long lunch or smoke breaks
  • Burnt popcorn, microwaved fish, nearly empty coffee pot
  • Printer or copier doesn’t work