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Woo, it’s hot! Now that we’ve confirmed the obvious, let’s get into some tasty ways to cool down.

What’s your go-to treat when the ice cream truck rolls down the street? I used to be a big fan of the toasted almond bar but, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been steering away from ice cream in favor of Italian ices and popsicles.

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Dairy is too heavy and not that refreshing on a 95-degree day. On the other hand, popsicles and Italian ices always get the job done. Charlotte’s own Lindy’s Homemade Italian Ice sells a Tropical Combo box with both pineapple and mango flavors that really hit the spot. asked people about their favorite popsicle flavors. There’s a clear winner:

  • 50%-Cherry
  • 25%-Grape
  • 22%-Orange
  • 3%-Lime

I have to add one more flavor for the 4th of July: the classic red, white and blue Firecrackers and Bomb Pops. But whether you’ve just mowed your lawn or you’re relaxing around the pool on a blazing Carolina afternoon, any flavor will do.

Lisa Lake/Getty Images