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Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

BitterMel is my alter ego….I’ve dated and married some of the most useless men, and I’ve done a few things as a form of revenge, but never have I done anything like this! This is just plain dumb. 

24-year-old Serina Wolfe got into an argument with her boyfriend. To get back at him, she thought it’d be a good idea to use his credit card. She didn’t just buy herself a new outfit or take herself to a nice dinner. She left a waitress a $5000 tip. That’s right….a $5000 TIP!

Serina as upset that her boyfriend wouldn’t buy her a plane ticket from Florida to New York, so she decided to use his credit card as revenge. She went to the Clear Sky Cafe in Clearwater Beach, had a meal, and then left the waitress a $5000 tip, which was 10,000% of her total bill. THAT wouldn’t cause anyone to think it was weird!

Long story short, Serina got busted for using a credit card that wasn’t hers. Reportedly she has confessed to the crime but hasn’t officially entered a plea yet.

Phil and I always say that folks get “dumber in the summer”. Must be the heat, cause I’m not really sure why this chick thought her hefty tip would go unnoticed.

Hey, Serina….smarten up! If ya wanna seek revenge on someone, scrub the toilet with their toothbrush or toss out their favorite tee shirt. Do something subtle. All you can say is………….BLESS!

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