Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

I am lovin’ this guy from Utah! I don’t think there are too many people like this in the world. Even after a few too many adult beverages, this guy went out of his way to help an injured animal.¬†

Tim Crowley was hanging with one of his neighbors drinking, and all of the sudden, a baby bird fell out of a tree. It was a baby finch, and it was so young that it couldn’t fly yet. Tim and his neighbors knew the poor thing probably wouldn’t survive unless they did something, but both men were a bit drunk, and they knew they couldn’t drive. So, they did the next best thing.

Tim got on the phone and called the baby bird an Uber. Yep. He called Uber. Tim and his neighbor instructed the driver to take the bird to a local wildlife center. There was some confusion at the center once the Uber showed up with only a baby bird as a passenger, but the driver explained what had happened. The center sent the baby bird to a nearby wildlife center to be rehabilitated.

The bird is doing well, and it should be released back into the wild by the end of summer. Nice!

An odd story, but I like it! Even after a few too many, these guys did the right thing. They didn’t drive AND they helped the poor animal. Excellent work gentlemen! If you were closer, I’d buy ya a round.¬† Cheers!