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Photo by Hannah McKay - WPA Pool /Geetty Images

I have no idea if I’ll ever get married again, but if I do, I think I may have to get Kramer his own cake! 

There’s a shop on Etsy called “House of Fur Baby” that’s selling a cake for the four-legged friends in your life. Yup! Lots of folks like to include their doggy in the wedding, and now you can REALLY make your dog feel like a part of the festivities! You can purchase a separate wedding cake for your dog. The cake says, “I do too!” and it’s made with all dog-friendly ingredients.

The small cake serves up to eight…………in case your dog wants to invite some of his/her friends to the wedding. The cake is selling for $25.99, which isn’t bad.

The company that is selling the cake also sells other wedding accessories for your dog. You can buy doggie bow ties, wedding collars, and they even sell doggie wedding dresses. Ha!  See the dress below… cute!

Check out all their pup wedding gear, and their other doggie stuff here.   IF I marry for a third time, I feel bad for that poor guy. You KNOW I’ll be getting Kramer one of these cakes, AND a festive bow tie!