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Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images

There’s no question that photos make amazing memories. That said, I feel kinda bad for this little guy. He’s never gonna live this down! 

Marika Daniels posted a photo of her three boys holding fish, Levi, 4; Logan, 3; and Landon, who is 18 months old, at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota on June 30. She asked her sons to pose together to replicate a photo she had taken the year prior.

“They have a little fishing pond there which was their favorite part of the museum,” Daniels says. “I took a picture of the two older ones holding their fish last year so I wanted to get another one to compare the two pictures a year apart.”

She asked the kids to hold up their fish to their face. The two older boys did as asked, but the youngest boy, Landon, took his mom’s request literally. Landon put the fish IN his mouth! Luckily, the fish were rubber, so Landon is all good.

The photo has gone viral online, and it is too cute! The pic has even become a meme on Facebook. Here’s the photo:

The picture is truly adorable, but poor Landon will be “that kid” for the rest of his life! Good stuff.