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Melany Myers

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Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

As you know, I’m a huge lover of dogs! My recent rescue pup Kramer is doing very well! Yesterday I was walking him, and a gentleman told me that he was a “good looking dog”. I said thank you, and then the man said that he looked happy. That made my day! 

Since Kramer is a rescue dog, I have no idea what he went through before I became his mama. I’m so glad others think he’s a happy dog. Lately, though I have thought about getting Kramer a playmate. He’s so loving and friendly that I think he’d do very well with a sister. Not sure he’ll have this dog’s reaction though!

Arden is a black lab, and his owner decided that he needed a sibling. The owner had Arden’s sister in a box, and she put the box down for Arden to open. Arden’s reaction is priceless and it’s EVERYTHING! This dog’s reaction to a baby sister will make your day!

The video has gone viral and you can see why below! Love this!!